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This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the commitments and expectations between Mellow Services (referred to as “Service Provider”) and the customer (referred to as “Client”) for the provision of our services. This SLA aims to ensure a positive and reliable experience for our valued clients.


1.1 Response Time: During our standard office hours, Mellow Services will make every effort to respond to support requests submitted through our ticket support system within 6 hours. For support requests submitted outside our office hours, we aim to respond within 24 hours. Please note that while we strive to meet these response times, they are not guaranteed as part of our services.

1.2 Scope: Our technical support team will provide assistance for issues directly related to our services. However, support for third-party software related issues falls outside the scope of our support offerings.

1.3 Support Channels: Support will be provided exclusively through our monitored ticket support system on our client panel. Support requests through other means will not be entertained.


2.1 Game Hosting Services: Mellow Services performs regular backups of all servers for data redundancy purposes. However, clients will not have direct access to these backups as they are intended for back-end use only. Clients may create and restore backups from the Mellow Services Game Panel.

2.2 Other Services: For all other services, backups are not automatically created. It is the responsibility of the clients to perform regular data backups.


3.1 Target Uptime: Mellow Services strives to achieve 99.98% uptime across all services. It is essential to acknowledge that certain situations, such as scheduled maintenance and hardware-related issues, may cause temporary service unavailability. Clients are advised to consider these factors when using our services.

3.2 Server Status: Clients can monitor the status of our servers by visiting our official status page at

Hardware Replacement:

4.1 Timely Replacement: In the unlikely event of hardware failure or faults, Mellow Services commits to source and replace the faulty hardware within 48 hours from the incident. However, unforeseencircumstances may occasionally lead to longer resolution times, and thus, we cannot guarantee adherence to this specific timescale.

DDoS Protection:

5.1 Mitigation Capacity: Mellow Services offers robust DDoS protection, encompassing up to 4tbps mitigation capacity and defense against most common attacks.

5.2 Limitation of Liability: While we take reasonable measures to prevent DDoS attacks, Mellow Services shall not be held liable for attacks beyond the scope of our protective capabilities.


By the use of our services, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions specified in this Service Level Agreement. This SLA aims to provide transparency in our service delivery. Should any disputes arise, please contact us at