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Game Hosting

With Pterodactyl, you can give you and your team easy access to your game server. Add sub-users and customize permissions, make backups, and more.

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Discord Bot Hosting

Make it easy for you and your team to collaborate and manage your discord bot. Start, Stop, Restart, and more. Add sub-users, customize permissions, make backups, databases, and more.

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Website Hosting

Reach out to a greater audience with our website hosting. You get full access to files, configs, etc. We support a plethora of PHP extensions, and are adding more every day!

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Online Radio & Podcast​

Host your own online radio! Stream directly to the radio or use the power of Auto DJ to keep your radio on 24/7 without your equipment always running. Auracast is free powerful open-source software. Learn More About Azuracast

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CEO - HSQ Hosting
"I have been honored to receive services from Mellow Services. They have been professional and upfront with all deals, ideas and suggestions for my home page. I, as a twitch streamer, fully and strongly recommend this business when it comes to web hosting and other services.
Duluth Fly

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