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SnailyCAD is a modern, user-friendly CAD/MDT system that is free and open-source, with all the features you need for your roleplaying needs. You can find more information Here

Mellow Services provides cheap vps hosting specifically for SnailyCAD. When you purchase a SnailyCAD VPS through Mellow Services, we will automatically install the cad right after purchase making it painless experience. Please note we are in no way affiliated or partnered with SnailyCAD.

It is possible it can take up to a hour for your SnailyCAD instance to install. If it has been over a hour and you still have no CAD please open a ticket in the discord or here.

You can follow the SnailyCAD documentation or you may open a ticket with us and for a small fee we can install the requested features for you. 

Please note after the VPS installs a script runs in the background to install & start SnailyCAD. If  you give it a hour to run and come back your SnailyCAD installation should be accessible at http://yourvpsip:3000.

Yes, you can support the SnailyCAD project by sponsoring the developer here on GitHub, as well as join the SnailyCAD Discord.

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